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Fabio Nardini


Senior Consultant


Fabio Nardini


Performed for almost twenty years managerial and then entrepreneurial roles in a Publishing House. Finally becoming the CEO of an Editorial Group of National relevance, developing the top managerial experience, after the sale of his activities to the group.

Holds qualified experiences in the areas of Corporate and Human Resources' Management and Administration; Finance and Management audit have been the basis of his initial professional background.

In quality of Professional and Manager he is currently supporting PMIs in Finance and Controlling also covering the role of Facilitator, contributing to the development of internal Management Audit and reporting systems, reshaping and modernizing the relevant corporate procedures.

He contributed to the development of an ad-hoc software for the automation of administrative processes, financial flows, economic and asset-management performances, used as a tool of both efficiency and efficacy in the controlling process as well as supporting tool in the training of the corporate human resources involved, with the aim of fostering their professional growth.

During last years he sided with the Executive Management of businesses operating in diversified sectors, for numerous project related to controlling and monitoring of corporate performances in support of corporate Strategies, Objectives and Organization, effectively contributing to Cultural Changes within Companies.