Strategie e Mercati


Strategie e Mercati


"Strategie e Mercati is a team of professionals, each of them with years of experience spent on company field with direct, working responsibilities. Managers used to reach objectives and achieve results. In Strategie e Mercati we want to be at company's side with a practical, doing- focused, ethical approach to help companies in their current situation for a rewarding and successful future.

We can be active in many industries at whatever stage – from restructuring to development – our working consulting assistance may be helpful. Managers of Strategie e Mercati carry out in a short time an analysis of current situation and recommend strategies, action plans, solutions. To help companies to face the future."


About us


Strategie e Mercati is somewhat unusual in the business consulting scenario. Our professionals , focused on a specific business area in line with their background, do not come from consulting , but from working experiences in companies for years. They are in fact senior managers who have covered job assignments with direct responsibilities on company objectives, always with strong commitment to results. Strategie e Mercati, founded in 1999, wants to be alongside Italian and International companies, of medium-small size in particular, to help them to overcome their weaknesses , exploit their strengths and turn them into future opportunities.



How we proceed


'Doing – focused' we act as 'facilitators' for a company. At company's owner and management's side we make an assessment, identify the most appropriate solutions, recommend action plans in respect of corporate identity , strong committed to company potential. Our professionals have been working with several companies on different stages of their business life: need for cost effectiveness, transition phase, build up of a new organization, search for partnerships or dismissing, optimization of company processes, production efficiency, strategy development on national/ international markets, new products generation.




Our experience has been covering several industries, such as mechanical, manufacturing, food, consumer goods, textiles, pharmaceutical, graphic/ publishing, construction/building, fitness, services, social cooperatives, entertainment, IT, communications and others.